Before you buy

Dear Prospective Golden Owners!

Several people have informed me that there are several ads on Facebook, and even a group, promising „quality” puppies of 8 weeks old.

Before you buy a puppy, ask for details and check them when you pay for and receive the puppy! What and how can you check?

Some advice:
– if a breeder promises you a pedigree, contact one of the local breed societies! In Hungary, this could be the Golden Retriever Circle or the Hungarian Retriever and Water Dog Association ONLY!!!!!

– if they promise pedigrees from a 3rd country (e.g. Serbia), there are already more problems.
1. the puppies with a pedigree from a third country must be bred in the country where they are adults (e.g. Serbia)
2. third country pedigree puppies can cross the Hungarian border 3 months after the rabies vaccination + 3 weeks + titer test result, i.e. at 7 months of age!!!! Failure to comply with these rules will result in an IMPLEMENTATION!!!!

If you have any questions or suspicions before buying a puppy, please contact us at!

Many people have reported to us that they have been scammed and even reported the death of a puppy, reported a tk where the mother was a 15 year old dead dog, reported a puppy that was given to a Golden Retriever but by the time it was an adult it was obvious that it was not a Golden Retriever, reported a case where a puppy was brought in at 8 weeks old but the promised pedigree never arrived.

A decent breeder has no secrets, the puppies have the mother dog with them, she keeps them in a decent place, the puppies are well socialised and friendly.

Watch out! I guess everyone wants their four-legged companion to live up to 15 years, to be friendly, kind and devoted! It does matter where you buy your future companion!

If you have any questions, we’ll answer and help you as best we can –